Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

If you’re a small business owner or start-up, having a website is a must, and having an optimized website is a priority. Whether you’re just starting out or rebranding your existing small business or home service company, Website Design and SEO should be the foundation of your business website. In today’s online world, in B2B or B2C purchases, most consumers and businesses won’t even consider a business without a website.


  1. YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE IS YOUR NUMBER ONE MARKETING TOOL: If a potential customer is looking for help with their plumbing emergency or needs information fast on the best service for their heating & air problem, how do you think they’ll find that information? They’ll first check their cell phone and search, hoping to find, YOU! If you don’t have an online presence in that search, they’ll consider a company that does. With a website that's easily found online, you’ll look more professional and more trustworthy.

  2. CUSTOMERS WANT TO FIND YOU ONLINE - MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM: Your customers are searching for you anyway! Why not make it easier for them to find you? With an optimized website, you make it simple for someone to find you in your area while searching for exactly the services and products you offer. How cool is that? Over 97% of people go online to search and find a local business. If you aren’t showing up, guess who is getting the business…not you! ☹

  3. CONSUMERS CAN BE JUDGY WHEN IT COMES TO WEBSITES: Consumers make judgment calls on a business, sometimes, solely based on their website. Yes, it sounds harsh, but, it’s the truth. 75% of people say digital content on websites directly impacts their judgment of a company’s credibility. That’s a visual call, so you know right there your website design needs to be current and engaging! As we talked about recently in another blog post, first impressions matter, and you only get one shot at a first impression with a customer. Website first-time visitors average around 10 seconds (TEN!!) visiting a new website…and after that, if they aren’t impressed, they’re usually gone. So make your first website impression count!

  4. YOUR BUSINESS INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE CLEAR: Some people think any old website will do for their new business or rebranded small business. People visit your website because they want to know something about your business and they usually want that information right now! They expect those answers to be there, instantly.

Website Design - Warp & Woof Media
Scan your business website from the top, and count to three while looking around. These three answers should be front and center and easily found on your site within the first few seconds:
To take this a step further, from a marketing standpoint, CAN THEY FIND YOUR BRAND STORY? Your website should be customized so your potential customers can also find and know WHY you got started and HOW you’ll help them with the services and products you offer. Your Brand Story should be visible somewhere on your website. Preferably, the HOME page or ABOUT page. And, on that note, your branding should be cohesive across your site and across all social media platforms.

A great website incorporates many elements that matter in the online-search world. Your website should include best practices with call to action buttons (Learn More, Download, Call Now, Sign up, etc). Your site should be visually appealing with current design features and cohesive branding; and, your website should have strong SEO functionality to be found by search engines and achieve higher search rankings.

Warp & Woof Media offers an easy and headache free, Website Design process. We’ll work with you from vision to launch with three important goals in mind to start:

  • We'll make sure your Website is easily found online

  • We'll make sure your Website gives a memorable first impression

  • We'll make sure your Website works to convert first-time visitors into customers

Warp & Woof Media Website Design & Optimization

As a business owner, your website is your company’s biggest Marketing asset. Building a company website should be considered an investment, and not an expense. Warp & Woof Media understands this and we want to make the process easy, affordable and successful. Contact us today, to discuss how Warp & Woof Media can help get your business foot in the digital door with a well-designed and optimized website. We’ll create a Website for you that will drive real revenue for your business and make the best first impression.

Warp & Woof Media specializes in website design for:

· Home Service Companies

· Start-Ups

· Small businesses

· Non-Profits

· Employee Recruitment

· Landing Pages

Contact Warp & Woof today and learn more about our Foundation Package where we focus on Logo Development, Website Design & Branding for your Small Business and Start-Up


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