Why Should Your Small Business Website Be Mobile Friendly?

What’s in your hand, right now? We would bet there’s a pretty good chance a phone is there. If you aren’t reading this now on your phone or tablet, your mobile device is probably in your back pocket or purse, on the dash of your vehicle, or maybe sitting nearby on your desk.

Today, our phones are never usually out of reach. Research shows around 2.87 billion people used smartphones in the year 2020 and that number is only growing. In today’s digital, mobile world, owning a mobile device is a necessity, so, it only makes sense as a business owner to make sure your business website is mobile friendly.

What does it mean for your website to be Mobile-Friendly?

A mobile-friendly site is a website design that simply works well on a mobile device.

Why is it so important for your website to be Mobile-Friendly?

To stay competitive, it’s imperative for first time visitors and potential customers to navigate your website on their mobile device easily and seamlessly.

Here are a few quick facts about mobile device use and why your website’s mobile viewpoint matters:

  • Americans spend an average of 4 hours a day on their phones.

  • 60% of all online searches are now done on a mobile device.

  • 80% of customers look up a business on a mobile device before contacting the business within the next 24 hours.

  • 76% of most homes multi-talk by searching websites on their phones while watching TV. They engage in other activities while they check emails, follow links and shop on their phones.

  • Statistics show that by 2025, 75% of world-wide internet users will only have mobile devices – not desktops.

  • 62% of visitors to your mobile site are less likely to engage with you if they have a negative experience with your mobile website.

Let’s imagine someone telling a friend about your business. This friend is now a potential customer and they're ready to find you. They want immediate answers and they’re possibly ready to give you their business. What’s the first thing they’ll probably do?

More than likely, they’ll first reach for their phone and pull up your website. Now, imagine them trying to research your business on their phone while having problems navigating through your site. They're frustrated because they can’t see the text clearly or they’re having to zoom in and out to even find your phone number to contact you. That’s never good.

Remember! Your website is your greatest marketing tool, so you want potential customers and first time visitors to easily navigate around your site on their mobile device and stick around.

Better yet, you want them to stick around long enough on your mobile site to contact you with that same phone, and you want to make it easy for them to do that. If a site is not mobile-friendly, your potential customer won’t wait around for long for your mobile problems to correct themselves. This could mean you’re losing business.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check your website to see how mobile-friendly your business website really is.

Let’s start by pulling up your website on your phone. Now, go down the list below and answer yes or no for each one:

  • Does your website home page take longer than 3 seconds to load? YES __ NO __

  • Are your photos too wide and don’t fit within the width of your device screen? YES __ NO __

  • Is the text too tiny to read without zooming in? YES __ NO __

  • Do videos not play on your phone but play on your desktop view? YES __ NO __

  • Do you receive error messages or you’re taken to a broken link when clicking buttons and tapping links on your phone? YES __ NO __

  • When reading your blog or paragraphs of text, do you have to scroll left and right to read a complete sentence? YES __ NO __

If you answered YES to any of these mobile issues – it’s probably time to think about working on your site. We can help!

Warp and Woof Media Marketing Agency offers website design services to optimize your website to mobile capabilities.

We can help get your mobile site where it needs to be to stay competitive and engage with potential customers! Here are a few ways we'll design your new Business Website:

  • We’ll build your website using a mobile-first approach.

  • We’ll add mobile-friendly content to your site and make sure your images are not half on and half off the mobile pages.

  • We’ll reduce your bounce rate by optimizing your content and your page loading speed.

  • We’ll design your site with a “thumb-friendly” layout by making your text, buttons and links readable and clickable.

  • We’ll design your mobile site with plenty of uncluttered white space to make navigation even easier.

  • We’ll maximize your online success by optimizing your website with Call-to-Action and Contact buttons and links.

With Warp & Woof Media’s Website Design Services, we’ll work with you from start to finish. We’ll make your mobile site navigation easier and give your visitors a problem-free user experience that will hopefully convert them from visitor to customer. We will also make sure your website is optimized to meet the standards of online search engines and what it means in ranking your mobile-optimized site.

Warp and Woof Media is ready to design your small business website to work efficiently and fast, which will help to improve the user experience and performance of your mobile site. Are you ready to talk about your next Website Design project?

Contact us today and let Warp and Woof Media design a cost-effective, mobile-friendly website that works for your business!


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