Step Into the Spotlight of Thought Leadership

By Allison Powers

Do you own a small business or home service company and looking for an effective way to attract customers and gain credibility with your audience?

Take the first step into the spotlight as a credible expert in your field and watch the customers start to come to you!

You have the experience and know-how within your industry - you know your stuff. So, there's no reason to hide your gifts and expertise. It is time to dive deeper into what it means to be a Thought Leader!

What is Thought Leadership?

It is basically a person who knows their industry inside and out and establishes themselves as the authority within that industry. To do this, a thought leader must have ideas that add value and are shared in such a way that inspires their audience.

Whether you're an expert in plumbing, roofing, HVAC, recruitment, electrician services, business or a specialty home service company - there is room for you to position yourself as the thought leader with those you provide products and services for.

Ask yourself - if your customers have a problem or need more information on a topic concerning your industry, do they turn to you for ideas and insights? If you haven't positioned yourself as a trusted resource for information or answers to problems, let's look further into how Thought Leadership can work for you.

How can your business benefit from Thought Leadership Content?

  • Answering questions and solving problems online across your social media platforms shows how helpful your business and brand is in a time of need

  • Positioning yourself and your brand as the answer to your audiences’ problems only helps to grow your audience

  • When you're available to answer questions and share your expertise, you prove the quality of your products and services

  • Sharing educational, helpful, and resourceful content helps you to build transparency and credibility with your audience

As you and your business brand become recognizable as an industry thought leader, there will be conversions from visitors to customers, and increased traffic to your social media and website.

When sharing valuable content as a thought leader, you’ll not only grow your audience, but you’ll be building trust with your customers. Thought leadership content will have your customers seeking you out for answers and you’ll position your business for success in the future.

How should you put Thought Leadership at the center of your Content Strategy?

The first, good rule of thumb is to always know your audience. No matter what industry you're working in, always consider what motivates your audience. What are their fears? What questions do they have about the industry you provide products and services for? What inspires your audience and gets them excited?

To research these questions, start looking at your competitor’s websites and social media. What questions are they answering? Check out message boards, social media comments and customer reviews. What are your customers dealing with and what do they need help with? Start there when strategizing the value-added content you plan to share.

Here are a few Thought Leadership Content Strategy Tips you can try to get started:

Talk about what you’re especially good at:

  • Develop your content topics based on your industry strengths and expertise

Blog regularly:

  • Submit blog posts with basic research, your personal experiences and solutions to solving problems, as well as self-promotional content

Meet your buyers where they are online in the customer journey:

  • Reach your customers and potential buyers early in the decision-making process by posting valuable content, consistently, on your social media platforms (how-to content and problem-solving content)

As business owners ourselves, we know it can be a lot of work to crank out the amount of value-driven content needed to be considered your industry’s “thought leader.” But, with the right Content Strategy put into place, you’ll begin to create value for your industry, and you’ll soon become a trusted resource your market is looking for.

Warp & Woof Media specializes in helping small businesses and home service companies step into the spotlight of Thought Leadership.

We will help you grow your business by taking your innovative ideas and insightful information and meshing them with a content strategy that works for you.

Warp & Woof Media will help you:

  • Understand what your target audience is asking for as it relates to your products and services

  • Develop responses to questions and deliver answers regularly across all platforms, comment sections and reviews

  • Encourage engagement by listening to what is being asked of you and position your business as approachable and responsive to your customer’s needs

  • Communicate your ideas and insights in a way that will inspire your audience

  • Most importantly, we’ll help you create value-added content and share consistently within your industry and target audience

Contact Warp & Woof Media today and let us highlight your business strengths and expertise. We’ll shine the spotlight on you, your business and your brand and help you become a top resource for your customers and industry peers. We know you’re busy running a business, so we’ll do all the work! Warp & Woof Media will help turn your expertise and professional ideas into the content your industry is craving.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to step onto the stage of Thought Leadership and start growing your business!

We're here to help!