Social Media Marketing for Your Small Business & Home Service Company

Social Media isn’t just for posting pics of your pets or your family vacation. In today’s online world, social media platforms are a must to market your small business, home service company or start-up. Your potential customers spend a lot of their downtime scanning over their favorite social media apps throughout the day. This provides your business with direct access to your ideal target audience and engagement opportunities with your local community. How great is that? You get to place your business on social media, front and center, to connect with the audience and community, who one day, will possibly be searching for your services. Social Media is the perfect platform for your business to reach a larger audience and build brand recognition. It is also a convenient platform to communicate directly with your customers.

There are many other benefits to investing in Social Media Marketing. Here are just a few:

  • SEO Benefits

  • Helpful for customers to contact you for service emergencies

  • Inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising

  • Helps with online recommendations

  • Gives you control of the online conversation

When working on your Social Media Marketing Strategy, you should first focus on matching the best Social Media Platform with your ideal target audience and customer base. A good rule of thumb is to think about each platform and research who their users typically will be. Check to see if their users line up with your ideal, customer persona. Do you think your ideal customer would spend more time browsing Facebook or scrolling through Instagram? Would the age group of your target audience mainly surf the web, looking over their Nextdoor App, or researching on Pinterest?

Next, you should know your marketing goals when deciding which platforms will work best for engaging with your ideal customers. Will you be using Social Media to build mailing lists and lead generation? Do you want to introduce a new business and engage with your local community? Do you want to use Social Media to build an online audience and increase followers for your business? Do you want to showcase your work or services online? Do you want to promote your brand story and business team?

Once you know the Social Media platforms to use and you’ve decided on your Marketing goals for each, it is best to usually start your Social Media Marketing Strategy with one to two social media platforms. There are pros and cons for each:


Facebook is a great platform to connect directly with customers and to showcase reviews and testimonials. Facebook is where most potential customers would search for help when needing a Plumber, Electrician, HVAC Service or Roofer in an Emergency, "I Need Help, Now!" situation. Boosting and promoting Facebook Ads is less costly than traditional advertising. Facebook is usually best for middle-aged audiences who are comfortable with technology, but the platform is typically not so popular with younger crowds.


Instagram is a great platform to showcase your work by posting photos and videos, and real-time, video stories. This is the best platform to build your Brand Identity, but not the best platform to communicate directly with your customers.


Nextdoor is a crucial platform for home service companies and any small business who offers a service. You can target specific neighborhoods and communities by participating in online conversations or with paid advertising. Advertising with Nextdoor is usually more expensive than other social media platforms.


LinkedIn is usually thought of as a place where your resume lives online, but LinkedIn users are serious about networking and learning. It is a great platform for small businesses and home service companies to promote their business as an industry-thought leader and a chance to network through trusted recommendations. This platform wouldn’t be used to help in a “find a service fast” situation or emergency.


Pinterest is best for showcasing your products or services through pictures and video posts. This platform is mainly used by females and was used mostly for DIY and hobby projects, but now businesses use the app to showcase recommended products, services and websites.


Video is everywhere these days and YouTube is the perfect platform for your online videos to showcase anything and everything. More people watch videos on YouTube than any other platform. From How-To tutorials to a simple, day-in-the-life video about you or your business, YouTube is an effective platform to use video in telling your business brand story. YouTube SEO is crucial to be found on their platform or you risk uploading videos with no one really knowing they're out there.

After you’ve thought about what platforms to use that best matches your target audience and ideal customer persona, and, after you’ve thought about your marketing strategy goals, you’ll then need to think of ways to engage with your social media followers and audience. Here are a few tips for small businesses and home service companies to get started when posting content on social media:

  1. Create trustworthy, helpful, and relevant posts for your audience.

  2. Give ideas and content away for free.

  3. Work on building your brand identity with value driven posts.

  4. Keep your branding cohesive throughout all social media platforms and posts.

If the thought of Social Media Marketing seems overwhelming to you, you are not alone. The content possibilities are endless when deciding what to create and post for your social media accounts. If you’re stuck on where to start with your content, Warp and Woof Media offers a FREE download for Social Media tips and content ideas.

Simply sign up for our list here: Contact Us | Warp&WoofMedia ( and we will email you a free download pdf with a list of engaging content ideas to get you started.

The quality of your content will determine the quality of your online audience, so think value when it comes to creating content for your Social Media posts.

We know that a lot of small business owners like to handle their social media on their own, and they do an awesome job at it! But, we also know that sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day for them to manage their social media accounts the way they would like. Warp and Woof Media is here to help you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing, social media trends and to help you succeed with a Social Media Marketing Strategy that works.

How we can help:
We’ll set up your Social Media accounts and branding on all platforms.
We’ll create and design regular posts for your accounts.
We’ll manage paid social media ads.
We’ll respond and interact with your followers.
We’ll schedule your posts and ads.
We’ll help with engagement, audience growth and online reputation management.
We’ll plan content and keep your brand consistent across platforms.

Connect with us online and receive your FREE pdf of content ideas for your social media accounts: Contact Us | Warp&WoofMedia (

Contact us today and let us set up your social media accounts; post relevant and effective content; and start engaging your business with an online community. We'll create an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy that works best for your business!

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