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Should My Home Service, Small Business keep advertising throughout the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

And the answer is YES, YES, YES. While small business owners are focusing on minimizing the financial impact on their businesses during this crisis, cutting out or back on your advertising is not a good idea. Although these circumstances are not ideal, it is, however an opportunity to climb ahead. But for small businesses to weather this outbreak, there a few things to consider before adjusting their advertising efforts:

  1. Uber Focus on How to Adapt to this Interruption

  2. Be Sensitive to the Circumstances, Convey in Messaging and Placement

  3. Your Customers are Not Gone, They are Just at Home

  4. Go Back to the Basics.

Uber Focus on How to Adapt to this Interruption

The effect of the ongoing strain on small businesses from the coronavirus is unprecedented. Small business owners are being affected in a variety of ways. Faced with the daunting realities from loss of business to remote work. Things are changing fast and businesses are being forced to adapt. The focus needs to be on how you are going to adapt and make it through these next couple of months. Your focus should not be on “explosive growth”, well not until the lockdowns are over and the economy restarts. It needs to be focused on the unequivocal delivery of your product and/or services to your customer. Use this time wisely and let your customers know that you’re here, you’re open and you can provide your product or service with COVID-19 safety measures.

Be Sensitive to the Circumstances, Convey in Messaging and Placement

Obviously, self quarantine has increased online digital activity and is experiencing a deluge of traffic. Your customers are spending more time online and engaging with news and video content. There is a higher demand of DIY’s and consumer tech products. Also, consumers are looking for reliable information on how to stay safe and healthy. Just think about how your own online behavior is right now.

Small business owners are forced to make tough decisions about what is the best for the company. Does spending precious advertising dollars make any sense right now? Small businesses need to take this opportunity to connect with their customers than ever before. This is a unique opportunity for a companies brand to share how they are making a difference and placing this message in media channels that are suitable. Throughout this crisis, we have witnessed the goodness in people and in businesses. For example, free online yoga classes to gym members to cope with anxiety. Try and find a way to connect with your customer in a way that is helpful. You want to create relationships with potential customers and when things get back to the new normal, convert them into a loyal customers.

Just make sure your message is appropriate to the audience. And your audience is seeing your message in appropriate media channels. For example, using humor about the virus and running an ad on senior citizen magazines would probably not be a good strategy.

Your Customers are Not Gone, they are Just at Home.

Home Service businesses already provide helpful “needed” services to their customers. So you are lucky in that sense. Now more than ever, consumers are looking for a trusted local contractor that comes to their home, that doesn’t use pushy sale tactics, but listens to their needs, and provides an affordable solution that makes sense. Especially if they are in an emergency situation. Home maintenance and improvements will always be a priority for homeowners. And while homeowners are sitting on their sofas, hopefully as instructed, assessing its upkeep, now is the perfect time to be visible and relevant.

Go back to the basics

The decisions you make in the next few weeks about your COVID-19 advertising plans will have an impact on your brand going forward. Your plan needs to go back to basics but with your COVID-19 plan in mind. Ask the following main questions: 1) Is the message authentic to the brand? 2) Does the message speak to main concern of my audience? 3) Does this message deliver value?

In doing so, you will create authentic connections with your customers that will be impactful and long lasting. If you are a small business owner and need help with your advertising and marketing, at an affordable cost, don't hesitate to call. Find out more about our "a la carte" pricing. 678-471-8811.

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