Promote Your Small Business With Video Marketing


In today’s market, if you aren’t using Video Marketing to promote your Small Business or services, you’re more than likely falling behind your competitors.

Video Marketing is all the rage these days! People can’t get enough of video and it’s important to give your customers and potential customers what they want. So, what exactly is Video Marketing and what are some of the benefits?

Video Marketing is basically the use of video, focused on a content strategy for your particular business. It is video that highlights things like the services you offer; your business goals and mission statement; your company history and brand story; or company reviews. The sky’s the limit when it comes to video topics for your business!


One of the main benefits of Video Marketing is how easy videos present your Small Business information to the customer and how fast they can connect with that information. As a Small Business owner, it’s one of the best ways to reach your target audience and keep them engaged and informed about your business.

Everyone loves a story and today's buyer is looking for that story connection as well as fast and informative research. The best way to tell your Brand Story is through Video Content. To grab the attention of the decision makers, consumers, and buyers, 71% of marketers are using Video content, with 70% of all YouTube consumption via mobile devices. The research shows that these numbers are only growing.

Whether it is an Explainer video on your website, social media or product landing page; Video Blog; Tutorial Video; Presentation; Testimonial; Live Stream; or a Video Ad, video content gets attention. There are other elements that play into a Video Marketing Strategy, with one being video placement. Where should you promote your videos? You can post videos to your YouTube channel; on your Google account; share to your social media platforms, or directly on your website.


There really isn’t a shortcut or magic bullet for instantly increasing engagement and leads for your business, but a Video Marketing Strategy baked in with a custom Marketing Plan will help generate more traffic across platforms and increase growth for your business. If you’re new to the video game, this all may seem overwhelming at first, but take a deep breath as we give you a few tips and ideas to get you started.


We should probably first talk about the "elephant in the room." We know a lot of people are fearful of being filmed, and if the thought of having a video of you online for everyone to watch seems daunting and a little scary, we’re with you on that one! Most people usually like to be behind the camera, not in front of the lens. If that’s you, you’re not alone, and this tip will make you feel a lot better about the whole process:

People like short videos!

So, you don’t have to worry about filming a long, drawn out video about you or your Small Business. People don’t have long attention spans these days, anyway. They like videos that are short and simple. Start out with a short and simple, relevant video about you or your business.

Here's our five tips for success when you’re starting out with a personal video about you, as the owner, or a video telling your Business Brand Story:

  1. Be yourself. People like authenticity and they want to see the real you. You could showcase yourself as the face of the business by videoing a “day in the life” as you go about a busy work day. If you own a Home Service company or perform a special service, film yourself solving a problem or finishing up a project for a customer. A time-lapsed, before-after, video would be great for this.

  2. Make sure your content is relevant to your business. You can go off script here as much as you like, but try to bring it back around to your business or what you do in some entertaining and engaging way. Your imagination is the ceiling on this one!

  3. Make it interesting or you’ll lose your audience. People will swipe or click off your video if it doesn’t capture their attention fast.

  4. Always try to include some type of Call-To-Action. Get them interested with a relevant, fresh video and then have them connect with your Small Business. You could point them to submit their email through email submission links; to sign up for your newsletter; to check out your online specials; or, offer them a download or freebie with "how to solve a problem advice" centered around the services or products you offer.

  5. Start by filming a Tips & Advice video. This is a great choice for your first video because you’ll feel more comfortable talking about something you know and love. You’ll hit it out of the park positioning yourself as the industry thought leader. You’re the expert in your field, so let your video show that, and show customers why they can trust you.


Ready! Set! Action! Video content is the top-performing marketing format today!

So, whether you want to hire someone, or you’re thinking you want to start filming the first videos on your own, the best advice is to just get started! You won’t regret adding Video to promote your Small Business. If you have a cell phone, then you already have your start. But, if you want a strategy for Video Marketing, Warp & Woof Media can help. We’ll handle every step to implement a custom, Video Marketing Strategy that works for your business needs. We'll take care of everything- Writing Content - Filming the Videos - Producing and Promoting the Videos. We'll do it all!


Warp & Woof Media creates custom, stand-out videos that will get you noticed online. We offer affordable, engaging videos for onboarding; product & services promotions; employee recruitment & retention; team support; custom brand stories, and more!

Your video options are endless and so are the benefits! Call Warp & Woof Media to get your business started with engaging video content and a high-performing, Video Marketing Strategy.

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