Is it Time to Update Your Marketing Strategy?

By Allison Powers

It isn't a secret that running your own business is hard work and requires a significant chunk of time to keep things operating smoothly. As the owner, you're the backbone of your small business and you have enough to do. You shouldn't have to be a digital marketing guru too. But, with marketing methods changing so rapidly, how will you know the best methods to keep up with your competition and reach your customers?

One hundred years ago, it was enough to slap an ad in the local paper to effectively reach your audience. Fifty years ago, television ads were the way to go. Only ten years ago, it was enough to create a business website, throw in a few keywords and call it a day. Back then, those promotional methods were the tried and true ways to entice new customers to learn more about your business. But, marketing isn't the same anymore.

With the whole world connected 24/7 with smartphones and most of our days spent online, marketing has changed more in the last ten years than the entire last century.

Even with a hundred years of changes, the end marketing goal is still the same - businesses want to know the best marketing methods to promote their goods and services, grow their customer base, and create more sales.

So, for 2021 and now entering the 2022 year, what is the best method for marketing your small business?

Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing keeps you connected to your customers 24/7 and meets them online to follow them through their online sales cycle. We know a 24 hour daily commitment to Digital Marketing sounds overwhelming and nearly impossible for a small business owner to undertake on their own. But, with the right Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing will help bring your small business in front of your target audience and keep you front and center online for when your customers come looking for you.

Why Digital Marketing?

Electronic devices are usually the first thing your customers will check in the morning and usually the last thing they'll see before going to sleep. This is the number one reason why Digital Marketing is so important to your overall Marketing Strategy. No matter if you're a small business owner, a start up, or a home service company, you need Digital Marketing today to reach your customers where they are online.

So what exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a term to include all marketing methods used to engage customers through online media. Basically, it includes digital marketing activities that follow your customers through their online sales cycle. The diagram below explains how your customers interact and engage through effective Digital Marketing efforts:

Through Digital Marketing, your customers are made aware of your business and it creates interest for your business brand and services. After your customers become interested in your quality digital content, they will start to consider making a purchase with your business. Their intentions will increase with every digital touch they see from your business. Digital Marketing helps you stand out against your competitors, as well as gain trust with first time visitors and potential customers. Digital Marketing meets your customers where they are when evaluating your business and helps you reach your target audience to convert them to buyers.

Examples of Digital Marketing:

  • Your Website - Your website is your number one marketing tool. For it to be effective, it needs to load fast, be secure, offer a mobile friendly view, and be optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization - so your customers can find you)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - SEM is the marketing methods used to help your customers find you when they search for your business name, goods or services in their local area.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - SEO takes the SEM methods a step further, to tweak your website content to rank higher in search engine results.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) - These are paid digital ads where you pay each time a potential customer clicks on your ad. There are many types of PPC ads and platforms to choose from such as You Tube ads, E commerce ads, Google local services ads, social media boosted campaigns, etc)

  • Email Marketing - This is marketing sent through email or automated text messages. This is usually implemented once a customer subscribes to your website or newsletter. You can also use automated email marketing to reach customers weekly or monthly with your blog posts, specials or business information.

  • Social Media Marketing - This is basically any marketing activity done through social media platforms. Social Media Marketing is your digital footprint in the digital world. Customers now search social media platforms for business information as much as they search online. So, keeping up with your social media accounts with regular posts, and answering comments and reviews in a timely and professional manner is vital for an effective Social media presence. The top social media platforms for small businesses are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube.

  • Video Marketing - Marketing through video is one of the most effective marketing methods today. People who watch videos stay on a site longer and more likely to make a purchase. Besides Google, YouTube is the second largest video search engine out there.

With all of these Digital Marketing methods, you are building trust and building your brand, so it is imperative that you present your business in the strongest and most effective way.

The effectiveness of Digital Marketing all depends on what you put into it. With a Digital Marketing Strategy, there are dos and don'ts that will help you stay competitive and grow your business. Warp & Woof Media is here to help you work through all of your choices and help you map out a plan that works best for your particular business. We offer affordable, custom digital marketing services with no long term contracts. We're committed to making sure your hard earned money works in the best possible way to get the best return on your investment.

Warp & Woof Media is here to help you take the guess work out of Digital Marketing so you can get back to running your business. We'll update and revamp your marketing strategy with Digital Marketing methods that work for today's customer!

Check out some of our Digital Marketing Services and let's build something together!