Is It Time For a Website Re-Design or a Website Overhaul?

Blog by Allison Powers

As a small business owner, have you ever looked at your website and thought:

  • The sales team hates our website and I think they’re too embarrassed to show it to customers

  • My website is outdated compared to my competitor’s site

  • It’s been years since I first noticed that my website needed to be redesigned

  • Our website generates zero leads for us

  • I don’t think anyone in the office even knows how to update our website

If you’ve experienced any of the above concerns and you know that your website needs some work, you’re probably wondering if it needs a Re-Design or a complete Overhaul. To dig deeper to know what level of website work is needed, we recommend you start by reviewing your site or have someone else look at it from an outsider’s viewpoint.

While looking your site over, focus on recent updates for today’s design trends, proper functionality, and take in the overall look of your site. Does it stand out from your competitor? Here are a few other signs to look for to help you determine if you need a Re-Design or a Website Overhaul:

1. Does your website URL also say, “Not Secure?” Do you have any error messages from plugins or do you have any broken links to other internal pages?

This can happen easily when your site hasn’t been updated lately or the version of your hosting server hasn’t been updated. It is important to maintain your site’s security so your customers can trust being on your website. If the words “Not Secure” is listed at the top of your site by your URL, there may be some compatibility and update issues with your plugins or server. This may indicate it’s time for an Overhaul.

2. Does your website load slowly when viewing on a mobile device? Are your website pages not formatted correctly when viewing on your phone?

Having a mobile-friendly website is imperative in today’s digital world. Everyone is on their phone, and you’ll want to make sure your website offers a pleasant and user-friendly mobile experience. If it takes too long to load your website, or the text and buttons are not formatted to work on a phone, your customer could very well leave your site, frustrated, and search for another website. Mobile-friendly sites are essential to doing business, so if your site is hard to navigate or your customers are waiting on pages to load, it’s past time that you consider a Website Overhaul.

3. Does your website look current and modern, or does it appear dated compared to your competitor’s site? Does your website home page clearly explain your brand, your business story, and business services?

First impressions go a long way with your website when a potential customer clicks on your home page. An outdated site that doesn’t fit your small business growth or brand could have potential customers clicking off and finding another site that appears more professional and current. If they look over your home page, and it’s hard to understand what your business is about or if they must search to find your menu options to navigate your site, there is a good chance they’ll give up and go somewhere else.

So, you’ve reviewed your site and you noticed that it needs some work. Now what? Don’t rush to jump into a major Website Re-Design or Overhaul just yet until you’re 100% clear on WHY you want to make changes to your site or to create a new one?

For a Website Overhaul - Ask yourself:

- Has your target market recently changed?

- Does your website address your business objectives effectively?

- Has your business grown along with your goals for your target audience?

- What valuable pages are missing from your website?

- Has your brand changed, but your website doesn’t reflect those changes?

- Are you losing leads in your industry because your website is underperforming?

- Has it been years since your site was updated?

For a Website Re-Design – Ask yourself:

- Has your logo or logo colors changed recently?

- After comparing with your competition, does your site appear outdated and so does your brand?

- Does your website need to focus more on being an industry thought-leader and draw users to your blog and reviews?

Now that you have your WHY and you have a better idea about needing a Website Re-Design or Website Overhaul, it’s time to reach out to a professional for the next steps in your website strategy.

Warp & Woof Media specializes in Website Re-Design and complete Website Overhauls. We can assist you in meeting your business objectives by helping you determine the best solutions for your small business website. After we research and analyze what is needed for your business, we will work with you to develop a custom plan of action for redesigning or redeveloping your site.

We’re here to help you discover the problems that your website might be creating for your small business and provide a workable solution with a Website Re-Design or Overhaul. We’re ready to partner with you and provide an opportunity for growth with our affordable and professional Website Design Services.

Remember! Your website is your single most important marketing tool and the core of your online marketing activity.

From start to finish, Warp & Woof Media will be with you every step of the way to realize your vision. We'll create a bold and unique user experience that meets the needs of your customers and your business goals. From planning and design, to content and launch - we make the Website Development process easy!