How to Grow Your Home Service Company - First Impressions Matter

Warp & Woof Media has worked on the Marketing side within many Home Service Industries. We know what customers are looking for when selecting their next Plumber, Electrician, HVAC and Roofing company, or Home-Service Professional. With all the competition online, we also know there will be one major factor driving most consumers when deciding between your company and your competitor. It may sound cliché, but this one thing can make your company or break you when trying to grow your customer base. What is this one, major factor?

First impressions!


“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

First impressions matter and can be a powerful Marketing Strategy. Your website or social media account is the face of your company and has a direct effect on the perception, credibility, and quality of your business.

Today’s customer will more than likely look for you the same way you shop for a product or service. They’ll do their research first by going online and searching for your website, your social media accounts, and your Google Reviews. Most customers will research all of this, before ever deciding to reach out to you.


So, on a visitor’s scale from, “I’ll just keep scrolling,” all the way to, “I’m contacting them now,” how confident are you with your company’s first impression?

Let’s start by having you step back and put on your customer hat for a second. Now, imagine a potential customer searching online through all their options. What are the odds this first-time visitor will stop scrolling when they see your website or social media accounts and take a look around? Will they then click to call or email your business? What will their first impression be of your company and branding?

If you cringe just thinking about this process, don’t panic. Warp & Woof Media has a “First Impressions Check List” for you to review about your business. We want to help guide you in the right direction to make the ultimate first impression and be ready when your next potential customer comes looking for you.


Keep your Customer hat on for a little while longer and continue to imagine this first-time visitor combing over your website, social media accounts, and reviews. Now, answer these questions from our “First Impressions Check List”:


  • When they see your Website, is it current and does it explain your Services clearly?

  • Can your first time visitor navigate your website easily on their cell phone with an updated mobile view?

  • Do you have your story (how and why you got started in your business) listed somewhere on your website, your About page, or Home page?

  • Do you have your credentials and experience listed so they’ll know right away what sets you apart from your competition?

  • If they like what they see on your website, is your contact information available and not hard to find, so they can connect with you easily?

  • If they click on your Facebook or Instagram page, is the branding of your company and website cohesive and does it connect seamlessly to your social media platforms?

  • Are you posting regularly and showing the personal side of your company?

  • If a potential customer googles your positive or negative reviews, have you responded accordingly or thanked the customer for their feedback?

Thinking how a first-time visitor will view your website, social media accounts, or reviews for the very first time is the first step in making the ultimate first impression. That’s a lot of FIRSTS…and remember... you only get one “first” shot at capturing their attention and perception.

Thankfully, as a business owner, you get to control how your customer perceives you for the very first time, and Warp & Woof Media can make sure you’re ready when they come looking for your company and services.

Warp & Woof Media will help you:

  • Build your digital foundation with an updated or new Website Design

  • Create a new logo and design a seamless branding strategy for your business

  • Get noticed online with relevant and engaging content which will help attract more eyes to your new site

  • Convert visitors into customers

  • Boost your social media accounts

  • Increase your visibility in search engine results to help grow your business

We’ll map out a specific, custom Branding and Marketing Strategy for your business that will ensure a positive and memorable customer experience.

If we had to pick just one place to start in improving your first impression, it would be to improve the design of your current website. Research has shown it only takes about .05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website and in turn, your business. This first look will determine whether they like your site or not, and whether they’ll stay or leave. Call Warp & Woof today and let us help you build the best website, marketing strategy, and the very best, first impression!

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