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Branding Your Small Home Service Company. Don't Downplay This. Ever.

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

So, what exactly does “branding” mean? To put into layman’s terms, it is your company’s truth. It’s the promise to your customer, and in turn, YOUR company’s moral compass, as a small business owner, to refer back to when you get lost sometimes along the way. Yes, we can always get lost along the way. Growth is your goal and it will change things but should not rattle your truth. Down the road you may find it is time to rebrand yourself because you are introducing new products or services, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we can talk about rebranding in another blog. For now, let’s continue to build on your unique brand.

You probably became aware of your “branding” process with the creation of your logo. You thought of your business “tone” with the colors you selected, the shapes and fonts you chose. If you are running a demolition company, you probably didn’t choose pastel colors to work with. You looked at your target audience, as a high end lighting company, you only considered their truths to reflect your logo. Relevancy to your industry is a must, you don’t want any confusion about what it is your company does and have a car logo for your roofing company, unless it was roof top parking. And of course, you took your competition into consideration and created something entirely different so consumers don’t become confused and call the other guys.

Within that process, you took it very personal, didn’t you? You are proud of your logo and everything that it represents. It is something you want around for a long time. Something you can refer to the beginning of your company’s journey and where it has taken you. It encompasses all the hard work and long hours, blood, sweat, and tears you have put into it. And that my friend is what your customer is looking for. A relationship with your brand to trust and depend on.

So, make it easy for them. Be consistent with your brand. When I say be consistent, it means keep your tone, your verbiage, your positions, messaging, all of it the same across all platforms including: leadership, sales, marketing, products, support, operations and corporate culture. You are not going to see Chic Fil A open on Sunday. Ever. That is not an option for them. So don’t compromise.

Don’t down play the importance of your brand. Good branding increases sales, provides direction and motivation. It just takes a some forethought on your part to make your brand have a voice. Once you find that voice, write it down in a mission statement. You won’t regret it. And If you ever find yourself contemplating over a business decision and not sure what direction to go, always go back to your brand and you will find your answer.

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