Branding Your Home Service Company: Don't Downplay This. Ever.

Don’t down play the importance of your brand. Good branding increases sales, provides direction and motivation.


So, what exactly does “branding” mean? To put into layman’s terms, it is your company’s truth. It is the promise to your customer, and in turn, your company’s moral compass. As a small business owner, you can refer back to your brand when you get lost sometimes along the way. Growth is your goal and it will change things, but should never rattle your truth. Down the road, you may find it is time to rebrand yourself as you introduce new products or services, but for now let’s focus on building a unique brand.

You probably became aware of your “branding” process with the creation of your logo. You thought of your business “tone” with the colors you selected, and the shapes and fonts you chose. You looked at your target audience, and made the appropriate considerations to be reflected in your logo. Relevancy to your industry is a must. You don’t want any confusion about what it is your company does. You probably also took your competition into consideration and created something entirely different so consumers wouldn't be confused.

Within the logo creation process, you made sure your logo was something you would want around for a long time. Something you could look back on, to the beginning of your company’s journey and know it would withstand the test of time. As your company grows, you take your logo and your brand along with you. Your brand encompasses all of the hard work and long hours you have put into growing your business. This is exactly what your customer are looking for - a relationship with your brand story. Your unique brand is what your customers will trust and depend on.

So, make it easy for the new visitor to your social media platform or the returning customer to your website. Be consistent with your brand. Try to keep your tone, your verbiage, your positions, and your messaging all cohesive across all platforms. Your unique branding should also encompass your leadership; sales and marketing; your products and services; your customer support; and, company operations and culture.

Don’t down play the importance of your brand. Good branding increases sales; provides direction and motivation; and makes you standout from the competition. Call Warp & Woof Media today to help you promote your brand and increase brand awareness for your small business.