A Day in the Life of Outbound & Inbound Marketing: Where Does Your Small Business Fit In?

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It’s a work day. Your alarm goes off and you immediately bring up your social media accounts and emails – seven new notifications. You swipe through two consecutive ads on your feed, without stopping to read them as you finish reading the article you found on LinkedIn. It was a good one – “4 Simple Ways to Cut Your Company Overhead.”

You head to the kitchen for coffee and pour a steaming cup from the fancy, new machine your wife ordered that had rave reviews from an Instagram Influencer she follows. You hop in your car to drive to work and turn off the radio. Too many ads and loud voices. At the red light, you notice the new billboard your competitor put up on the corner and switch to a podcast you’ve been listening to about growing your Plumbing business. You park at the office and prepare for a busy day. This morning, you’re interviewing three new hopeful plumbers for the open positions you’ve advertised for and a quick meeting with your accountant.

After a busy day of service calls and putting out fires at the office, you arrive home, kick your feet up in your favorite chair, and turn on the TV. With TV ads blaring, you get back on your phone and realize you forgot to order your sister a birthday gift and pull up your Amazon app. You select the book and gardening supplies she’s been talking about and mail them directly to her home. Done. Your day ends with a few follow-up calls to customers and answering work emails. This is followed by a relaxing night with family, preparing dinner together from a recipe on a food blog your daughter follows, and then binge watching your favorite show.

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Every one of us encounters marketing throughout our day. Whether you’re out and about in your community or sitting in your living room. If you have a phone, computer, TV, newspaper, magazine, or radio, you will experience Marketing.

There are two types of Marketing that we’re all bombarded with every day –Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

The more traditional form of Marketing is Outbound, and includes radio ads, Email spam, billboards, TV ads, home-mailers, mailbox flyers, door-to-door sales, etc. As a small business, this form of marketing is when you interrupt the customer by reaching out to them, whether they want you to or not.

Inbound Marketing is the opposite. With this method, as a small business, you create valuable content, experiences and incentives for when potential customers come looking for you. Inbound Marketing is creating easily accessible, informative and helpful online content to spread awareness of your business, which will hopefully turn visitors into customers. Inbound Marketing comes in many forms, such as website content, how-to-videos, blogs, social media content, downloads, SEO, promoted posts and much more.

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So, how does your Small Business fit into this daily Marketing game and which method will work better for you to send more visitors to your website and grow your business?

Outbound or Inbound?

There are advantages and disadvantages for both and it all really depends on your type of small business, home service company or start-up, and the target audience you’re trying to reach.

In today’s world of information overload and the constant push of Advertising, it takes a healthy balance of Inbound Marketing methods sprinkled with a few, cost-effective, Outbound Marketing techniques to reach your target audience and be prepared for when they come looking for you.

The trend for 2021 is showing that Inbound Marketing is the best way to grow your small business. According to the CEB Marketing Leadership Council, most consumers work through 60% of the buying process before they ever reach out to a business. That means, most consumers and B2B buyers are researching YOU before you ever get a shot at reaching them. Will you be ready when they come looking for you?

What does this mean for the small business owner? It means you need to make sure your website, search engine results, blogs, online reviews, downloadable content, video accounts, and social media accounts are ready with relevant, engaging and helpful content for when potential customers search for you. It can seem like a lot to take in, especially when you’re busy running your own company.

This is where Warp and Woof Media can help!

Warp and Woof Media specializes in Digital Marketing and we offer custom and affordable Marketing plans that fit your small business needs. We do all the work and our unique services focus on your unique business, with a Marketing Strategy that works for you. We’ll help guide you in the right direction, focusing on the effectiveness of Inbound Marketing methods and Outbound Marketing methods to see which methods will work best for your particular business. If some tried and true, traditional methods cost more, require more work, but don’t actually drive more customers to your business, it may be time to consider re-evaluating your Marketing techniques.

We’re here to help make your day in the life of marketing a lot easier for you and your small business. Call us today for help with:

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