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Small Business Advertising Experts Specializing in Home Service Companies


Yup, all this advertising business can be intimidating.


But with 28 years of combined experience with Advertising, Media, Marketing, Publishing, Design and Recruitment verticals, we know what will work for you.


For several years, the owner was the Director of Marketing for the largest HVAC company in North America that included a plumbing, electrical, duct cleaning and home automation division.


Warp & Woof Media offers specialized services for large and small home service companies, HVAC, electrical services, plumbers, restaurants, universities, B2B, and trucking companies.   

We know what is tried-and-true.  

Warp & Woof Media will guide you through building your brand in a very competitive market place. Whether it be print, email campaigns, collateral, billboards and the beast known as the INTERNET! Our team will help you with your messaging to effectively reach your target audience.


And here's the best part, you can use our services at the level you choose.  


As your ad agency, we are going to walk you through

step-by-step  and show you how, together, we can bring your marketing program to life.  


We are going to show you how we'll attack a cohesive and

cost effective plan that makes sense for you and your company so you have the "know how" and control of your advertising. 

So, you have worked hard and you are ready to bring your small business to the next level.  Here's where Warp & Woof Media comes in. 


If your small business calls on home owners and/or other small to medium  businesses, you need to call us now! This means you Mr. Plumber, Ms. Interior Designer,  Mom and Pop Landscapers, Electricians & Sons, and Home Remodelers and Contractors.  Our specialty is Home Servicing Companies and we're ready to talk to you! 

Think you can't afford an ad agency? Think Again.  


You can’t afford NOT to have one with all the media sales people knocking on your door, trying to get you to buy what they are selling- but we analyze what will work best for you - we work for you!

You can't afford NOT to have the right messaging, consistency, and branding strategies. You need to be relevant, engaging, personalized, and creative driven to compete in this market. You need to understand the consumer's buying behavior and each phase of their purchase journey!

And guess what? You're not going to pay an arm and a leg for it! That is our promise to you! 



"Patty assisted us when we launched our company. Her advice and talent is unprecedented in the marketing arena and her personality is a joy as well. Looking forward to having her join forces with us again soon to assist our jump to the next level! We would not use anyone else! Thanks Patty!"


Maryann Hanley Scarangello , Scarangello 

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